Welcome to the Uniauktion .com Website. When you use the Uniauktion.com, it means that you agree to accept the terms and conditions as follows. Lagrange Technologies Limited (hereinafter referred to as the Company) has rights to modify or change the statement, and you are obliged to review the updated terms of the website instantaneously.

1. General Statement

1.1   Uniauktion.com refers to the Company, that is, an online art auction and advertisement platform developed by Lagrange Technologies Limited, Brunei.
1.2   The company accepts all posted auction collections by the auction companies, collectors, and art dealers around the world on the Uniauktion.com. All the auction lots will be exhibited physically and bidders can bid out any item via the bidding system of Uniauktion.com within specific timeline after reviewing them in person.
1.3   All parties who participate in the company-organized auction, including party appointed by the sellers, buyers, registered members and bidders shall be fully bound by the rules, being entitled with the rights prescribed in the rule and bear obligations prescribed hereto.

2. Member Registration

2.1   Bidders shall register as member in Uniauktion.com first with real and true information. Also, bidders shall complete bidding procedures by following steps.
2.1.1   Contact the Uniauktion.com customer service by sending mails to:info@uniauktion.com to complete the registration procedures
2.1.2   If registration is failed due to internet issue, please contact the following companies to ask for assistance in the registration   Kyotozuiryu Co.,Ltd.
Kyoto Prefecture, Kita-ku, Shichikuseinan cho 17-1, Kyoto, Japan
Japanese Service Tel: +81- (0)80-1526-0318
Email: info@kyotozuiryu.com (Japanese, English)   Taiwan DA YUAN BAO JIN Technology & Culture Co.,Ltd.
No. 26-4, Sec 3, Ren'ai Rd, Da'an Dist., Taipei City 106, TAIWAN(R.O.C.)
Chinese Service Tel: +886-2-27080186
Email: service@dybjtec.com (Chinese, English)   Beijing DA YUAN BAO JIN Technology & Culture Ltd.
No. 76, Suite 3003, East Third Ring Road, B Block, Beijing Antique Town, Beijing, China
Email: service@dybjtec.com
Chinese Service Tel: +86-13811930873
2.2   Authorization of Credit Baseline
2.2.1   You may Email or go to any place specified in 2.2.1 to hand in clearly scanned photocopy of your passport and valid credit card with the same English name as the passport onto, where the name shall be the same as the party in the registration. We will not charge any deposit from your credit card. Upon completion, you can get the permanent authorization of USD$5,000 as the bidding limit of unit lot and USD$20,000 as the lump sum bidding limit of the current auction.
2.3   The ways to increase the Credit Limit
2.3.1   If you want to increase your credit limit, you have to pay maximum 10% of individual required unit price as the deposit (or providing any bill of successful delivery of any global auction could also increase the bidding credit). The amount of deposit depends on bidders’ personal demand.
2.3.2   Maximum Deposit: Deposit payment up to USD$20,000 will lift the account restriction for general lot(excluding specified high-value lots in the auction).
2.3.3   Special condition of contract termination: In case of failing to win any lot upon paying the deposit, the deposit shall be refunded in total. However, party in the registration shall bear exchange difference and twice charge of remittance.
2.3.4   Ways of Deposit   Paid via wire transfer: Please contact Uniauktion.com customer service to acquire account.   Paid via cash: Cash is available in Japan, Taiwan and Beijing.   Paid via Credit Card: Only in Beijing.

3. Auction Preview

3.1   Auction Preview: All auction lots will be in preview exhibition located in the designated sites around the world. Preview information will be specified in the description of the lots.
3.2 Meanwhile, all lots will be also previewed on Uniauktion.com. The website provides clear, detailed pictures with multiple- angle taken by a professional photography team with appraised knowledge to provide the bidder sufficient information for verifying
3.3. Involvement in person is your obligation, also your right to view prior to the purchase. You shall preview these lots both on the Uniauktion.com and in the auction preview prior to the bids concurrently. Upon submitting a bid on the internet, it means that you have exercised bidder’s viewing rights.

4. Bidding

4.1   It requires registration to attain bidding authority prior to bid on Uniauktion.com. Placement of a bid on the Uniauktion.com shall be bound by credit limit.
4.2   All lots are going to auction on the internet. Please update your browser to the latest version prior to bid. Lagrange Technologies Limited shall not be liable for any and all bidding failure (For example, human or non- human, program, network error, etc.)
4.3   In case of any disagreement while bidding, Lagrange Technologies Limited shall reserve the rights of final explanation of process and price and also the rights of re-auction, withdraw, early ending or delaying in the bid disclosure, as well as validation of bid.

5. Bidding Price

5.1   Pre-Bid
5.1.1   The period spanning from the beginning of shelf life to the time prior to available for bid stage.
5.1.2   You are able to set a maximum bid and to view the current number of bidders in pre-bid stage. However, it will not display the entire scale and bids of other bidders.
5.1.3   The system will advise if you are the highest bidder in the pre-bid stage.
5.1.4   If there are two or more bidders who submitted the same maximum bid, all of them will be informed as the highest bidders.
5.2   Bidding
5.2.1   Bidding shall be several hours before the end of the bidding (the exact time will be posted on bidding page), in this stage, the bidding system will reveal the records of bidding price and increment transparently.
5.2.2   Bidding record shall include the automatic bids by the system and the bidder’s submit. Yet, the record is unable to display the maximum bid submitted by others.
5.3   Extended Bidding
5.3.1   Within five minutes prior to the end of bidding , the bid timer will be extended for another five minutes automatically if any competing bidders challenge the standing maximum bid.
5.3.2   The bid extension mechanism is continuously until no standing maximum bid challenger occurring in last five minutes. After then the system will confirm the final winning bidder with the highest bid.
5.4   Ways to Bid
5.4.1   The Maximum Bid: The maximum bid is the maximum price you would be willing to pay for a given lot. It represents neither the bid price nor the hammer price. Then the system bids for you from the floor according to the increment. If there are any competing bidders standing out, the system will bid higher orderly up to the maximum bid you set.
5.4.2   Bidding Increment as follows
Bidding Price Increment
0 - 99 5
100 - 499 25
500 - 999 50
1,000 - 1,999 100
2,000 - 4,999 250
5,000 - 9,999 500
10,000 - 19,999 1,000
20,000 - 49,999 2,500
50,000 - 99,999 5,000
100,000 - 199,999 10,000
200,000 - 499,999 25,000
500,000 - 999,999 50,000
1,000,000 - 1,099,999 50,000
5.4.3   If the bidding price exceeds over the chart, apply to the increment similarly.
5.5   Credit Limit: The credit limit depends on the deposit (see 2.3 Ways to increase the credit limit) and it shall be divided into unit credit and gross credit as follows.
5.5.1   Unit Credit Limit: The highest price bidding for single lot.
5.5.2   Upper limit of gross price: It refers to all prices available for bidders in the bidding process at the same cessation of auction (including pre-bid stage); if the bid ends for a lot, the originally bid price shall be released without being included in the gross calculation regardless of winning or not.
5.6   Withdrawal of Bid:
5.6.1   In case of any disagreement arising out of bids due to reasons including but not limited to operational errors and malicious bidding, LAGRANGE TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED shall be the final say in the auction process and bidding process, also on all explanations and handling including but not limited to re-auction, withdrawal in the auction, early ending or delaying in the bid disclosure, as well as bidding confirmation.
5.6.2   5.6.2 LAGRANGE TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED shall be entitled with the rights to revise or cancel the bidding price, or reset the bidding time for the lot auctioned or earlier ending the bidding process, and the Company has rights to reject or forbid malicious bids, even suspending unqualified account No. as per company policy.

6. Reviewing Responsibility of Bidder Prior to Purchase:

6.1   The Company will verify if the auction items are consistent with its description under the disclosure of public information.
6.2   Bidders (or his agent) shall scrutinize in person the original item proposed for bidding process in the auction, and judging its authenticity and quality themselves.
6.3   Bidders hereby agree that any bids in the Company and network or physical auctions held by the co-organizers are all out of the bidders’ free will, who shall bear legal liability for their behaviors.
6.4   Any descriptions of the auction items and its certificate submitted by the Company displayed on the webpage or any other form prior to the auction day, and introduction to authenticity, quality, valuation and other presentations are all written information provided by the sellers, which are only for academic statements of opinion, instead of within the scope of advertisement, either any guarantee of the Company for the content of the auction items.

7. Catalogue of Internet and Physical Objects

7.1   If damages or condition of service in respect of the auction lots are not specified in the instruction or assessing opinion in the catalogue, it does not mean that none of defect or no service needed for the auction lots, either.
7.2   If any and all specific defects of the lots have been stated or identified in the catalogue, it does not mean no other defects occurred to the auction lots, either.

8. Deposit Refund Mechanism

8.1   Upon deduction of the payable to the Company (including the hammer prices, commissions and other expenses), the available balance must be refund. Buyer will be refund via wire transfer within 7 working days (excluding remittent transferring time.)
8.2   Buyers who pay deposit in cash shall withdraw balance refund in the original place of payment.
8.3   Unsuccessful bidders shall refund deposit in full. The wire transferor shall bear banking fee and other related expenses

9. Payment for Delivery

9.1   Upon winning the bid, the buyer has to pay the hammer price plus service charge. The service charge shall be 18% of the hammer price. (excluding specified lots).
9.2   In case of any goods tax or other taxes generated via the purchase, buyers shall report and bear them themselves. Within ten days upon winning in the auction, buyers shall pay off in USD to the Company. Buyers should assign a tax agent by themselves in case of inexperienced with tax procedure or asking the company for advising appropriate tax agency. The company is not the agency and will not be liable for all as an agent.
9.3   If the buyer pays in currency other than the US dollars, the company will handle the currency exchange procedure according the assigned bank card exchange rate on trading date. The company is authorized to choose or change the selection of assigned bank. Buyers shall have no dissent on it. .
9.4   Buyers have to pay for the difference generated from currency exchange into the US dollar, the banking fees, and other related expenses.
9.5   If paid by wire transfer, please contact the Company to acquire the wire transfer account. If the remittance is one of the situations mentioned among three subparagraphs of this paragraph, please be sure to inform the Company prior to the transfer. Otherwise, the Company has rights to reject the remittance as the payment.
9.5.1   Transferring via company account.
9.5.2   Transferring via personal account, but the account name is different to the bidder’s account nor the buyer’s.
9.5.3   The location of the remittance account is not consistent with the nationality of the bidder.
9.6   If the winner does not pay off within the prescribed timeline, the Company may claim the payable from the credit card that you provided for registration and the buyer will not have any objection against it.

10. Delivery

10.1   Even though the Company does not provide delivery services, we will recommend the buyer appropriate shipping companies. If the buyer is unable to pick up the purchases in person, he shall be obligated to assign shipping company or other agents.
10.2   The company shall not be responsible for any and all losses caused during handling purchases after delivery and shipping. The buyer shall pay for the extra cost of packing, insurance, customs declaration, entry tariff and so on.
10.3   The Company may outsource an agent for delivery, insurance, customs declaration, entry tariff on behalf of buyer yet he is not the agent of the buyer without burdens of any agency responsibility.

11. Special Condition

11.1   The Company has rights to refuse picturing, recording, filming activities or anyone to participate in the preview exhibition and auction.

12. Privacy Policy of Uniauktion.com

Welcome to use the Uniaukion.com Website services. Uniauktion.com Website (hereinafter referred to as the Uniauktion) committed to protect and respect your privacy. The terms and conditions as follows shall constitute an agreement between you and the Uniauktion service on the privacy policy. Once you are the user to this service, it means that you have accepted the terms and conditions stated below.

Our operating activities adhere to legal requirements in the protection of individual privacy and personal data safety. Privacy Policy of Uniaukion.com Website (referred to as "the policy") will help you understand that the profile we may collect, use, protect and the subject we disclose the same. If you provide us with your personal data, you will be deemed to have accepted the policy.

If you disagree all terms and conditions hereof, you will NOT have the right to use Uniaukion.com service. Upon completion of the registration, it means that you have agreed to be bound by various services of Uniaukion including but not limited to Uniaukion.com membership service.

The Uniauktion shall be entitled to amend the terms and conditions of the aforementioned privacy policy at any time, and only need to post on the Uniauktion Website without your prior approval. The amended terms shall effectuate immediately upon publication. Upon such amendments, your continued use of the said service shall be regarded as your acceptance of the amended terms. Unless with written authorization by Uniauktion.com

12-1. The Personal Data Collected by the Uniauktion and manner of use

When you browse or use services provided by the Uniauktion (hereinafter referred to as the "service"), you may decide at your discretion whether to register, bid, request product service or pay; when you choose to use the service, we may ask you to provide certain specific information for the provision of the following services. The itemized collection of your profile and its purposes are stated as follows:

  1. Contractual obligations or other special discounts which including but not limited to registration, discount, completion of payment and delivery of products when you register or use the Uniauktion services.
  2. For dispatch of marketing information to you when you subscribe free marketing information such as products, services and other special discount. Please note that you may at any time.
  3. For confirmation of your participation qualification, informing you of activities or liaison of related matters when you participate in the activities we have held.
  4. For provision of any support services that meet your personal requirements.
  5. For reply to your question or information query.
  6. For provision of customer care satisfaction survey and feedback.
  7. For provision of improvement of services, user experience and analysis.
Based on the specific scope of aforementioned purposes, we would inform our agents and the subjects in the trade of your provided partial personal data ; besides, we will be responsible for reminding the said agents and the subjects of trades of observing the policy.

12-2. Collected Personal Data and user scope of the Uniauktion.com.

  1. The Uniauktion will NOT use or transfer your personal data to any third party beyond the scope of collecting purpose or related scope unless following lawand regulations, requirements of the authority or judicial organizations, or legal requests, or needed for the defense or preventing from fraud or other illegal acts.
  2. Especially, the Uniauktion will NOT sell or market your personal data to any third party.
  3. The Uniauktion will stop utilizing your personal data as soon as vanish of specific purpose of collecting the said personal data.

12-3. Cross-Border Data Transmission

When you provide personal data to the Uniauktion, you understand and agree that the personal data may be required to be in cross-border transmission between the Uniauktion agents, the subjects of trades and (or) . All of the Uniauktion agents, the subjects of trades around the world might store and deal with your personal data. All cross-border transmission, store and use of personal data shall follow the policy.

12-4. How does the Uniauktion use Cookies and Web Beacons

"Cookies" is a technology that is stored in your computer and enables you to log in the service, helping you personalize your online experience. The Uniauktion uses "Cookies" to store your habits and preferences while using the service web pages, allowing you to use the Service without needs of further inputs, and providing you customized content and advertisement suits you next time. Our website may also use "Web Beacons" or similar technology. When you visit our website, it may produce certain anonymous information related to the browsed activity on your computer.

  1. We or the third party (including but not limited to Google) might utilize these information to tell whether you have visited the specific pages or clicked on the links to our website.
  2. We may also use "Web Beacons" in our marketing email and electronic newspaper in order to judge the information you have read or linked.
  3. We use this information to understand how you use our website and to improve our services to you.

Note: You may choose to set your web browser to refuse using Cookies, but please note that you may not be able to use the full functionality of the website.